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  • To expel (an evil spirit), as by incantation, command, or prayer.
  • To eliminate or suppress (a malign influence or negative feeling, for example).
  • To free from or rid of an evil spirit, malign influence, or other harmful factor.
  • To expel by conjurations and religious or magical ceremonies; drive out by religious or magical agencies: as, to <internalXref urlencoded="exorcise">exorcise</internalXref> evil spirits.
  • To purify from unclean spirits by adjurations and religious or magical ceremonies; deliver from the influence of malignant spirits or demons: as, to <internalXref urlencoded="exorcise">exorcise</internalXref> a house.
  • To call up or forth, as a spirit; conjure up.
  • To cast out, as a devil, evil spirits, etc., by conjuration or summoning by a holy name, or by certain ceremonies; to expel (a demon) or to conjure (a demon) to depart out of a person possessed by one.
  • To deliver or purify from the influence of an evil spirit or demon.
  • To <xref>drive</xref> out an <xref>evil</xref> <xref>spirit</xref> from a <xref>person</xref>, <xref>place</xref> or <xref>thing</xref>, especially by an <xref>incantation</xref> or <xref>prayer</xref>
  • To <xref>rid</xref> a person, place or thing of an evil spirit
  • expel through adjuration or prayers
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