• To speed up the progress of or execute quickly.
  • Cleared of impediments; unobstructed; unimpeded; unencumbered.
  • Ready; quick; expeditious.
  • To remove impediments to the movement or progress of; accelerate the motion or progress of; hasten; quicken: as, the general sent orders to <em>expedite</em> the march of the army; artificial heat may <em>expedite</em> the growth of plants.
  • To despatch; send forth; issue officially.
  • <strong>Synonyms</strong> To speed, forward, advance, press on, press forward, urge on, urge forward, drive, push.
  • Free of impediment; unimpeded.
  • Expeditious; quick; speedily; prompt.
  • To relieve of impediments; to facilitate; to accelerate the process or progress of; to hasten; to quicken.
  • To despatch; to send forth; to issue officially.
  • To <xref>accelerate</xref> the <xref>progress</xref> of.
  • To <xref>perform</xref> (a task) <xref>fast</xref> and <xref>efficiently</xref>.
  • process fast and efficiently
  • speed up the progress of; facilitate
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