• The act or an instance of oozing forth.
  • An exudate.
  • The act of exuding; an oozing or sweating out; a gradual discharge of humors or moisture.
  • That which is exuded: as, gums are <em>exudations</em> from plants; serous <em>exudations.</em>
  • The act of exuding; sweating; a discharge of humors, moisture, juice, or gum, as through pores or incisions; also, the substance exuded.
  • the act of <xref>exuding</xref>
  • something that is exuded
  • a substance that oozes out from plant pores
  • the process of exuding; the slow escape of liquids from blood vessels through pores or breaks in the cell membranes
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