• A man's brimless felt cap in the shape of a flat-topped cone, usually colored red and adorned with a silk tassel, once widely worn in the Ottoman Empire and other regions with Muslim populations and still worn today in some Muslim countries.
  • A cap of red felt of the shape of a truncated cone, having a black silk tassel inserted in the middle of the top and hanging down nearly to the lower edge.
  • A felt or cloth cap, usually red and having a tassel, -- a variety of the tarboosh. See <xref urlencoded="tarboosh">tarboosh</xref>.
  • A <xref>felt</xref> <xref>hat</xref> in the shape of a <xref>truncated</xref> <xref>cone</xref> and having a flat top with a <xref>tassel</xref> attached.
  • a city in north central Morocco; religious center
  • a felt cap (usually red) for a man; shaped like a flat-topped cone with a tassel that hangs from the crown
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