• One that fixes.
  • A person who uses influence or makes arrangements for another, especially by improper or unlawful means.
  • A chemical preservative used to fix a photographic image.
  • One who or that which fixes, establishes, or renders permanent; specifically, any solution used to fix a photograph, a crayon drawing, etc.; a fixative.
  • <xref>Agent noun</xref> of <xref>fix</xref>; one who, or that which, <xref>fixes</xref>.
  • A chemical (sodium thiosulfate) used in photographic development that fixes the image in place, preventing further chemical reactions.
  • A person who arranges immunity for defendants by tampering with the justice system via bribery or extortion, especially as a business endeavor for profit.
  • A person who assists foreign journalists in volatile countries, they often provide interpretation, personal connections, and transportation as a service.
  • a chemical compound that sets or fixes something (as a dye or a photographic image)
  • synthetic narcotic drug similar to morphine but less habit-forming; used in narcotic detoxification and maintenance of heroin addiction
  • a skilled worker who mends or repairs things
  • someone who intervenes with authorities for a person in trouble (usually using underhand or illegal methods for a fee)
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