• None
  • The act of bending a joint or limb in the body by the action of flexors.
  • The resulting condition of being bent.
  • A part that is bent.
  • etc. See <internalXref urlencoded="flection">flection</internalXref>, etc.
  • The act of flexing or bending; a turning.
  • A bending; a part bent; a fold.
  • Syntactical change of form of words, as by declension or conjugation; inflection.
  • The bending of a limb or joint; that motion of a joint which gives the distal member a continually decreasing angle with the axis of the proximal part; -- distinguished from <ex>extension</ex>.
  • The act of bending a joint, especially a bone joint. The counteraction of <xref>extension</xref>.
  • Alternative spelling of <xref>flection</xref>.
  • the state of being flexed (as of a joint)
  • act of bending a joint; especially a joint between the bones of a limb so that the angle between them is decreased
  • deviation from a straight or normal course
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