• Any of several herbs of the genus <em>Digitalis,</em> especially <em>D. purpurea</em> of Europe and northern Africa, having a long cluster of large, tubular, pinkish-purple flowers and leaves that are the source of the drug digitalis.
  • A common ornamental flowering plant of gardens, <em>Digitalis purpurea</em>, a native of Europe, where it is found in hilly and especially rocky subalpine localities.
  • The name in Jamaica of species of <em>Phytolacca.</em>
  • One of several plants of other genera.
  • The pitcher-plant, <em>Sarracenia purpurea.</em>
  • The trumpet-creeper, <em>Campsis radicans.</em>
  • Any plant of the genus Digitalis. The common English foxglove (<spn>Digitalis purpurea</spn>) is a handsome perennial or biennial plant, whose leaves are used as a powerful medicine, both as a sedative and diuretic. See <xref urlencoded="digitalis">digitalis</xref>.
  • Digitalis, a <xref>genus</xref> of about 20 species of <xref>herbaceous</xref> <xref>biennials</xref> native to the <xref>Old World</xref>, certain of which are prized for their showy flowers. The drug <xref>digitalis</xref> or <xref>digoxin</xref> was first isolated from the plant.
  • any of several plants of the genus Digitalis
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