• Expressing or designating repeated action.
  • A frequentative verb or verb form.
  • In <em>grammar</em>, serving to express the repetition of an action: as, <em>dictito</em> is a <em>frequentative</em> verb.
  • A verb which denotes the frequent occurrence or repetition of an action, as <em>dictito</em> (Latin) from <em>dicto, vāvadīti</em> (Sanskrit) from <em>vadati, waggle</em> from <internalXref urlencoded="wag">wag</internalXref>.
  • Abbreviated <em>freq.</em>
  • Serving to express the frequent repetition of an action.
  • Serving to express repetition of an action.
  • Refers to a subclass of <xref>imperfective</xref> verbs that denote a repeated action, no longer <xref>productive</xref> in <xref>English</xref>, but found in e.g. <xref>Finnish</xref>, <xref>Latin</xref>, <xref>Russian</xref>, and <xref>Turkish</xref>.
  • a verb form that serves to express frequent repetition of an action
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