• To fry or burn with a sizzling noise.
  • To make a sizzling noise while frying or searing.
  • To form or be formed into small tight curls or tufts.
  • The condition of being frizzed.
  • A small tight curl or tuft.
  • That which is frizzed or curled; a wig, as covered with frizzes: as, a <em>frizz</em> of hair.
  • To curl; crisp; form into a mass of small, loose, crisp curls, as the hair, with a crisping-pin; specifically, to crisp and then loosen out so as to form a light, fluffy mass of little curls.
  • To form into little burs, prominences, or knots, as the nap of cloth; raise a nap or bur on.
  • In <em>leather-dressing</em>, to remove the bur, prominences, or roughnesses from, as chamois and wash-leather, by rubbing with pumicestone, a blunt knife, or the like, in order to soften the surface and give a uniform thickness.
  • See <xref urlencoded="friz">friz</xref>, v. t. & n.
  • To fry, cook, or sear with a sizzling noise; to sizzle.
  • Of <xref>hair</xref>, to form into a mass of tight curls.
  • A mass of tightly curled or <xref>unruly</xref> hair.
  • the condition of being formed into small tight curls
  • curl tightly
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