• None
  • In Porto Rico and Spanish America generally, the chick-pea, <em>Cicer arietinum.</em> See <internalXref urlencoded="chick-pea">chick-pea</internalXref> (with cut).
  • An edible <xref>pulse</xref>, Cicer arietinum, of the <xref>family</xref> Leguminosae or Fabaceae and <xref>subfamily</xref> Faboideae or Papilionoideae, of which the plant has white or purple-blue flowers and small feathery leaves on both sides of the stem and yields pods containing two to three peas.
  • A seed of this plant; the <xref>chickpea</xref>
  • large white roundish Asiatic legume; usually dried
  • the seed of the chickpea plant
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