• None
  • A thin, transparent fabric with a loose open weave, used for curtains and clothing.
  • A thin, loosely woven surgical dressing, usually made of cotton.
  • A thin plastic or metal woven mesh.
  • A mist or haze.
  • In <em>surgery</em>, cheese-cloth, impregnated with antiseptic material (such as borie acid, corrosive sublimate, or iodoform), or simply sterilized, employed in dressing wounds.
  • A very thin, slight, transparent stuff made of silk, silk and cotton, or silk and hemp or linen.
  • Any slight open material resembling this fabric: as, wire <em>gauze.</em>
  • Of or like gauze; gauzy.
  • A very thin, slight, transparent stuff, generally of silk; also, any fabric resembling silk gauze
  • one employed in stiffening gauze.
  • Having the qualities of gauze; thin; light.
  • A thin <xref>fabric</xref> with a loose, open <xref>weave</xref>.
  • A similar <xref>bleached</xref> <xref>cotton</xref> fabric used as a <xref>surgical</xref> <xref>dressing</xref>.
  • A thin <xref>woven</xref> <xref>metal</xref> or <xref>plastic</xref> <xref>mesh</xref>.
  • <xref>Wire</xref> gauze, used as <xref>fence</xref>.
  • <xref>Mist</xref> or <xref>haze</xref>
  • To apply a <xref>dressing</xref> of gauze
  • To <xref>mist</xref>
  • a net of transparent fabric with a loose open weave
  • (medicine) bleached cotton cloth of plain weave used for bandages and dressings
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