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  • Glasswork.
  • Glass set or made to be set in frames.
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  • A glaze.
  • The act or process of applying a glaze.
  • In <em>leather manufacturing</em>, the process of rolling leather with a glass roller in order to give it a bright finish; also, less commonly, the light application with a sponge of a solution which when dry gives to the leather its final luster.
  • The act or art of Setting glass; the craft <em>of a</em> glazier.
  • Glasswork; the glass of windows.
  • The application to a piece of pottery or porcelain of the glaze which is to cover it.
  • In <em>ceramics</em>, same as <internalXref urlencoded="glaze">glaze</internalXref>, 1.
  • In <em>oil-painting</em>, the operation of spreading a thin layer of transparent color with the brush or the fingers, or with the palm of the hand, over those parts of a picture whose tone it is desirable to modify.
  • In <em>gunpowder-manuf.</em>, the operation of breaking off the angular projections of the grains, and giving them a round, smooth, glossy surface, performed in a glazing-barrel.
  • The act or art of setting glass; the art of covering with a vitreous or glasslike substance, or of polishing or rendering glossy.
  • The glass set, or to be set, in a sash, frame. etc.
  • The glass, glasslike, or glossy substance with which any surface is incrusted or overlaid.
  • Transparent, or semitransparent, colors passed thinly over other colors, to modify the effect.
  • Present participle of <xref>glaze</xref>.
  • The part of a <xref>window</xref> or wall made of <xref>glass</xref> or another transparent material
  • All the windows of a building
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