• A comedy or pantomime in which Harlequin is the main attraction.
  • Farcical clowning or buffoonery.
  • A kind of pantomime; that part of a pantomime which follows the transformation of characters, and in which the harlequin and clown play the principal parts; hence, buffoonery; a fantastic procedure.
  • A play or part of a play in which the harlequin is conspicuous; the part of a harlequin.
  • A <xref>pantomime</xref>-<xref>like</xref> <xref>comedy</xref> featuring the <xref>harlequin</xref> or <xref>clown</xref>.
  • Any <xref>comical</xref> or fantastical <xref>procedure</xref> or <xref>playfulness</xref>.
  • acting like a clown or buffoon
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