• A tropical American plant <em>(Agave fourcroydes)</em> having thick, sword-shaped leaves that yield a coarse reddish fiber used in making rope and twine.
  • The fiber obtained from this plant.
  • A fiber known as <em>Sisal hemp</em>, obtained principally from <internalXref urlencoded="Agave%20Ixtli">Agave Ixtli</internalXref> of Yucatan; also, the plant itself.
  • a <xref>tropical</xref> <xref>American</xref> <xref>agave</xref>, Agave fourcroydes, whose thick, sword-shaped leaves yield a coarse reddish fibre used in making rope etc
  • the fibre from this plant (sometimes mistakenly called <xref>sisal</xref>)
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