• Having six sides.
  • Containing a hexagon or shaped like one.
  • Having three equal axes intersecting at angles of 60° in one plane and one axis of variable length that is perpendicular to the others.
  • Having six sides and six angles; having the form of a hexagon.
  • Divided into hexagons: as, a surface with a <em>hexagonal</em> structure.
  • Having six sides and six angles; six-sided.
  • See under <er>Crystallization</er>.
  • Having six <xref>edges</xref>, or having a <xref>cross-section</xref> in the form of a <xref>hexagon</xref>.
  • Having three <xref>equal</xref> <xref>axes</xref> which cross at 60° <xref>angles</xref>, and an <xref>unequal</xref> axis which crosses the others at 90° angle.
  • having six sides or divided into hexagons
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