• Any of numerous six-legged arthropods of the subphylum Hexapoda, which includes the insects and several groups formerly classified as insects, such as the springtails.
  • Of or belonging to the subphylum Hexapoda.
  • Having six legs or feet.
  • Having six feet, as any adult true insect; specifically, pertaining to or having the characters of the <em>Hexapoda</em>; hexapodous.
  • One of the <em>Hexapoda</em>; a true six-footed insect.
  • Also <em>hexapode, hexapodan.</em>
  • Having six feet.
  • Any organism or being with six <xref>legs</xref>.
  • An <xref>arthropod</xref> with <xref>six</xref> <xref>feet</xref>; a member of <xref>subphylum</xref> <xref>Hexapoda</xref>.
  • An <xref>insect</xref>.
  • Having six <xref>feet</xref>, six-footed; belonging to the subphylum <xref>Hexapoda</xref>, <xref>hexapodous</xref>.
  • an animal having six feet
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