• A term applied by Kossel to any one of several bases, such as arginin, lysin, etc., which contain six atoms of carbon in the molecule.
  • A liquid mixture of hydrocarbons, C<sub>6</sub>H<sub>8</sub>, obtained by compressing illuminating gas, which has been prepared by heating fats and resins. It boils at 70—85° C.
  • A liquid hydrocarbon, C6H8, of the valylene series, obtained from distillation products of certain fats and gums.
  • A <xref>liquid</xref> <xref>hydrocarbon</xref>, C6H8, of the <xref>valylene</xref> <xref>series</xref>, obtained from <xref>distillation</xref> products of certain <xref>fats</xref> and <xref>gums</xref>.
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