• The posterior portion of a side of beef, lamb, veal, or mutton, including a hind leg and one or two ribs.
  • The posterior part of a quadruped, adjacent to the hind legs.
  • the back half of a side of meat, from about the twelfth rib back.
  • Either <xref>rear</xref> half of a <xref>side</xref> of beef, mutton, veal, lamb or by extension from another edible mammal.
  • The hind <xref>biped</xref> (leg) of a <xref>quadruped</xref>, or all body parts situated behind the hind legs' <xref>trunk</xref>-attachment.
  • Human <xref>behind</xref>, <xref>butt</xref>.
  • the back half of a side of meat
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