• A relatively short cannon that delivers shells at a medium muzzle velocity, usually by a high trajectory.
  • A short piece of ordnance, usually having a hemispherical chamber for the powder narrower than the bore, specially designed for the horizontal firing of shells with small charges, and combining in some degree the accuracy of the cannon with the caliber of the mortar, but more portable than either.
  • A gun so short that the projectile, which was hollow, could be put in its place by hand; a kind of mortar.
  • A short, light, largebore cannon, usually having a chamber of smaller diameter than the rest of the bore, and intended to throw large projectiles with comparatively small charges.
  • A cannon that combines certain characteristics of guns and mortars. The howitzer delivers <xref>projectiles</xref> with medium velocities, either by low or high <xref>trajectories</xref>. JP 1-02.
  • Normally a <xref>cannon</xref> with a tube length of 20 to 30 <xref>calibers</xref>; however, the tube length can exceed 30 calibers and still be considered a howitzer when the high angle fire zoning solution permits range overlap between charges. JP 1-02. See also <xref>gun</xref>; <xref>mortar</xref>.
  • A powerfully hit <xref>shot</xref>.
  • a muzzle-loading high-angle gun with a short barrel that fires shells at high elevations for a short range
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