• Any of several wild goats of the genus <em>Capra,</em> especially <em>C. ibex,</em> native to mountainous regions of Eurasia and northern Africa, and having long, ridged, backward-curving horns.
  • A wild goat, the bouquetin, steinbok, or other species of the genus <em>Ibex.</em>
  • [<em>capitalized</em>] A genus of ibexes, or a subgenus of <em>Capra.</em>
  • One of several species of wild goats having very large, recurved horns, transversely ridged in front; -- called also <altname>steinbok</altname>.
  • A type of wild mountain <xref>goat</xref> of the genus <xref>Capra</xref>, such as the species Capra ibex.
  • wild goat of mountain areas of Eurasia and northern Africa having large recurved horns
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