• To regard or represent as ideal.
  • To regard or represent something as ideal.
  • To make ideal; give form to in accordance with any preconceived ideal; embody in an ideal form: as, to <internalXref urlencoded="idealize">idealize</internalXref> a portrait.
  • To form ideals.
  • Also spelled <internalXref urlencoded="idealise">idealise</internalXref>.
  • To form ideals.
  • To make ideal; to consider as ideal; to give an ideal form or value to; to attribute ideal characteristics and excellences to.
  • To treat in an ideal manner. See <er>Idealization</er>, 2.
  • to form ideals.
  • To <xref>regard</xref> something as <xref>ideal</xref>.
  • To <xref>conceive</xref> or <xref>form</xref> an ideal.
  • consider or render as ideal
  • form ideals
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