• To regard with great or uncritical admiration or devotion. <i>synonym</i>: <strong> revere</strong>.
  • To worship as an idol.
  • To worship as an idol; make an idol of.
  • Hence — To reverence immoderately; love or admire to adoration: as, to <internalXref urlencoded="idolize">idolize</internalXref> a hero; to <em>idolize</em> children.
  • To practise idol-worship.
  • Also spelled <internalXref urlencoded="idolise">idolise</internalXref>.
  • To practice idolatry.
  • To make an idol of; to pay idolatrous worship to.
  • To love to excess; to love or reverence to adoration.
  • To make an <xref>idol</xref> of, or to <xref>worship</xref> as an idol.
  • To <xref>adore</xref> excessively; to <xref>revere</xref> immoderately.
  • love unquestioningly and uncritically or to excess; venerate as an idol
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