• A flowing in.
  • A mass arrival or incoming.
  • The act of flowing in; an inflow: as, an <em>influx</em> of light.
  • Infusion; intromission.
  • Influence; power.
  • A flowing or coming in; continuous introgression: as, a great <em>influx</em> of goods into a country.
  • The place or point at which one stream flows into another or into the sea: as, at the <em>influx</em> of the brook.
  • The act of flowing in.
  • A coming in; infusion; intromission; introduction; importation in abundance; also, that which flows or comes in.
  • Influence; power.
  • A <xref>flow</xref> <xref>inward</xref> or <xref>into</xref> something.
  • the process of flowing in
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