• Inclined to investigate; eager for knowledge.
  • Unduly curious and inquiring.
  • Addicted to inquiry or research; disposed to seek information; given to prying into matters; eagerly curious.
  • Marked by inquiry; questioning; curious; hence, searching out; bringing to view.
  • <strong>Synonyms</strong> <em>Prying</em>, etc. (see <internalXref urlencoded="curious">curious</internalXref>), inquiring.
  • A person who is inquisitive; one curious in research.
  • Disposed to ask questions, especially in matters which do not concern the inquirer.
  • Given to examination, investigation, or research; searching; curious.
  • Eager to <xref>acquire</xref> <xref>knowledge</xref>.
  • Too <xref>curious</xref>; overly <xref>interested</xref>; <xref>nosy</xref>.
  • showing curiosity
  • inquiring or appearing to inquire
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