• To convert or be converted totally or partially into ions.
  • In <em>physical chemistry</em>: To separate into ions: said of the solvent in which an electrolyte is dissolved.
  • To produce ions in (air or other gas): said of Röntgen rays, of cathode and various other rays, of the electric field, of a glowing metal, and of violet light.
  • To Ionicize.
  • To convert (an atom or molecule) into ions, e. g. by dissolving in water, by reaction with acid or alkali, or by interaction with ionizing radiation. See <xref urlencoded="ionization">ionization</xref>.
  • to dissociate into ions, as by dissolution in water or another polar solvent.
  • To <xref>dissociate</xref> <xref>atoms</xref> or <xref>molecules</xref> into <xref>electrically</xref> <xref>charged</xref> <xref>species</xref>; to be thus dissociated.
  • become converted into ions
  • convert into ions
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