• A new chum; a new arrival from England in the bush.
  • To learn one's business by bush-farming: said of an inexperienced greenhorn in Australia who assumes the position and duties of a jackaroo before taking up a station of his own. See <internalXref urlencoded="jackaroo">jackaroo</internalXref>, n.
  • A young man living as an apprentice on a sheep station, or otherwise engaged in acquainting himself with colonial life.
  • To be a jackaroo; to pass one's time as a jackaroo.
  • A white man living outside white settlement.
  • A trainee <xref>station</xref> manager or owner, working as a stockman or farm hand; formerly, a young man of independent means working at a station in a <xref>supernumerary</xref> capacity to gain experience.
  • To work as a jackaroo.
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