• A stout military boot that extends above the knee.
  • A person who uses bullying tactics, especially to force compliance.
  • The spirit sustaining and motivating a militaristic, highly aggressive, or totalitarian regime or system.
  • A kind of large boot reaching up over the knee, and serving as defensive armor for the leg, introduced in the seventeenth century; now, a similar boot reaching above the knee, worn by fishermen and others.
  • a man's high tasseled boot.
  • A strong leather boot reaching up to or over the knee; it is worn mostly by soldiers.
  • A <xref>glossy</xref> <xref>leather</xref> <xref>calf</xref>-covering <xref>military</xref> <xref>boot</xref>, commonly associated with <xref>German</xref> <xref>soldiers</xref> of the WWII era
  • The <xref>spirit</xref> that <xref>motivates</xref> a <xref>totalitarian</xref> or overly militaristic <xref>regime</xref> or <xref>policy</xref>
  • (19th century) a man's high tasseled boot
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