• A stay for racing or cruising vessels used to steady the mast against the strain of the gaff.
  • A rope, rod, or batten along the upper side of a yard, gaff, or boom to which a sail is fastened.
  • A rope or rod running vertically on the forward side of the mast on which the yard moves.
  • <em>Nautical</em>: One of a set of ropes, iron rods, or strips of wood attached to a yard or gaff for bending a square sail to.
  • A rod or rope running up and down on the forward side of a mast, on which the square-sail yard travels; a traveler.
  • A rail of wood or iron stretching along a yard of a vessel, to which the sails are fastened.
  • A <xref>stay</xref> (<xref>rope</xref>, <xref>bar</xref> or <xref>batten</xref>), running along a ship's <xref>yard</xref>, to which is attached the head of a square <xref>sail</xref>.
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