• A false boasting or claim, especially one detrimental to the interests of another.
  • Extreme restlessness or tossing in bed, as can occur with some forms of acute disease.
  • A frequent tossing to and fro, especially of the body, as in great pain or high fever; restlessness.
  • Agitation.
  • Vain boasting; bragging; in <em>canon law</em>, false boasting; insistence on a wrongful claim, to the annoyance and injury of another.
  • In Louisiana, an action to recover damages for slander of title to land, or to obtain confirmation of title by a public recognition of it.
  • Vain boasting or assertions repeated to the prejudice of another's right; false claim.
  • A frequent tossing or moving of the body; restlessness, as in delirium.
  • a giving out or boasting by a party that he or she is married to another, whereby a common reputation of their matrimony may ensue.
  • <xref>bragging</xref> or <xref>boasting</xref>, especially in a <xref>false</xref> manner to another's <xref>detriment</xref>
  • extreme <xref>restlessness</xref>; <xref>tossing and turning</xref> in bed
  • (law) a false boast that can harm others; especially a false claim to be married to someone (formerly actionable at law)
  • speaking of yourself in superlatives
  • (pathology) extremely restless tossing and twitching usually by a person with a severe illness
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