• A twining eastern Mexican vine <em>(Ipomoea purga)</em> having tuberous roots that are dried, powdered, and used medicinally as a purgative.
  • The purgative drug obtained from the roots of this plant or related plants.
  • <em>b</em>) <em>Ipomœa Jalapa</em>, of the southern United States and tropical-America. See <internalXref urlencoded="Mechoacan%20root">Mechoacan root</internalXref>, under <em>root</em>.
  • A drug consisting of the tuberous roots of several plants of the natural order <em>Convolvulaceæ</em>, that of <em>Ipomæapurga</em> being the most important.
  • The tubers of the Mexican plant <spn>Ipomœa purga</spn> (or <spn>Exogonium purga</spn>) of the family <ex>Convolvulaceae</ex>, a climber much like the morning-glory. The abstract, extract, and powder, prepared from the tubers, are well known purgative (cathartic) medicines, and are also called <ex>jalap</ex>. Other species of Ipomœa yield several inferior kinds of jalap, as the <spn>Ipomœa Orizabensis</spn>, and <spn>Ipomœa tuberosa</spn>.
  • the root of <spn>Mirabilis Jalapa</spn>, four-o'clock, or marvel of Peru.
  • A <xref>cathartic</xref> <xref>drug</xref> consisting of the <xref>tuberous</xref> <xref>roots</xref> of Ipomoea purga, a <xref>convolvulaceous</xref> plant found in <xref>Mexico</xref>.
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