• A blind or shutter having adjustable horizontal slats for regulating the passage of air and light.
  • An obsolete form of <internalXref urlencoded="jealousy">jealousy</internalXref>.
  • A blind or shutter made with slats, which are usually set at an angle so as to exclude the sun and rain while allowing the air to enter.
  • <em>plural</em> The whole surface or inclosure of a gallery, veranda, or the like, formed of a series of slatted frames (see def. 1), of which some may be fixed and some may open on hinges.
  • A Venetian or slatted inside window blind.
  • A window or door made of multiple glass or plastic slats, which can be opened or closed like a jalousie{1}.
  • A component in a <xref>ventilation</xref> system.
  • Upward sloping window slats which form a blind or shutter, allowing light and air in but excluding rain and direct sun.
  • a window with glass louvers
  • a shutter made of angled slats
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