• A noisy celebration.
  • A large assembly, often international, especially of Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts.
  • A mass gathering or assembly, as of a political party or association.
  • A carousal; a noisy drinking-bout; a spree; hence, any noisy merrymaking.
  • In the game of euchre, a lone hand containing the five highest cards and counting the holder 16 points, played by agreement.
  • A noisy or unrestrained carousal or frolic; a spree.
  • a large festive gathering.
  • an assembly of boy scouts, usually at the national or international level, including camping among the activities; -- a term adopted by the Boy Scouts organization.
  • A lavish or boisterous <xref>celebration</xref> or <xref>party</xref>.
  • A large rally of <xref>Scouts</xref> or <xref>Guides</xref>.
  • a gay festivity
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