• To make a harsh metallic sound.
  • To cause to make a harsh discordant sound.
  • To have an irritating effect on.
  • A harsh metallic sound.
  • To talk much or loudly; chatter; babble; jabber.
  • To quarrel; altercate; bicker; wrangle; grumble.
  • To sound discordant or harsh; make harsh discord.
  • To gossip; contend; tell.
  • To cause to sound harsh or inharmonious; cause to emit discordant sounds.
  • To utter in a discordant or inharmonious manner.
  • Idle talk; chatter; babble.
  • Altercation; wrangle; quarrel.
  • Discordant sound.
  • A seaweed, <em>Laminaria digitata.</em>
  • To sound harshly or discordantly, as bells out of tune.
  • To talk idly; to prate; to babble; to chatter; to gossip.
  • To quarrel in words; to altercate; to wrangle.
  • To cause to sound harshly or inharmoniously; to produce discordant sounds with.
  • Idle talk; prate; chatter; babble.
  • Discordant sound; wrangling.
  • The unmelodious ringing of multiple metallic objects striking together, such as a set of small bells.
  • To make a <xref>metallic</xref> <xref>sound</xref>.
  • To cause something to make a metallic sound.
  • To <xref>irritate</xref> something.
  • A metallic sound.
  • a metallic sound
  • make a sound typical of metallic objects
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