• To joke or quip.
  • To make sport of.
  • A joke or quip.
  • To jest; joke.
  • To deride; gibe; mock; befool.
  • A joke; jest; gibe.
  • A trick; wile; cheat.
  • To jest; to play tricks; to jeer.
  • To mock; to trick.
  • To <xref>jest</xref>; play tricks; <xref>joke</xref>; <xref>jeer</xref>.
  • To <xref>mock</xref>; <xref>deride</xref>; <xref>gibe</xref>; <xref>trick</xref>; <xref>befool</xref>.
  • a <xref>joke</xref>
  • a humorous anecdote or remark intended to provoke laughter
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