• A light spear thrown with the hand and used as a weapon.
  • None
  • A metal or metal-tipped spear thrown for distance in track and field competitions. The men's javelin is about 2.6 meters (8 <sup>1</sup>/<sub>2</sub> feet) in length; the women's is about 2.2 meters (7 <sup>1</sup>/<sub>4</sub> feet) in length.
  • The athletic field event in which a javelin is thrown.
  • To strike or wound with or as with a javelin.
  • A spear intended to be thrown by the hand, with or without the aid of a thong or a. throwing-stick.
  • In <em>heraldry</em>, a bearing representing a short-handled weapon with a barbed head, and so distinguished from a half-spear, which has a lance-head without barbs.
  • A sort of light spear, to be thrown or cast by the hand; anciently, a weapon of war used by horsemen and foot soldiers; now used chiefly in hunting the wild boar and other fierce game.
  • A wooden shaft resembling a spear, thrown by contestants in a contest called the javelin throw; the one throwing the javelin furthest wins the contest. The <ex>javelin throw</ex> is one of the field events of the modern Olympic Games.
  • To pierce with a javelin.
  • A light <xref>spear</xref> thrown with the <xref>hand</xref> and used as a <xref>weapon</xref>.
  • A <xref>metal</xref>-<xref>tipped</xref> <xref>spear</xref> thrown for <xref>distance</xref> in an <xref>athletic</xref> <xref>field</xref> <xref>event</xref>.
  • To <xref>pierce</xref> with a javelin.
  • an athletic competition in which a javelin is thrown as far as possible
  • a spear thrown as a weapon or in competitive field events
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