• None
  • A sort of boot of fine make.
  • A short crowbar, especially as used by burglars: often made in sections, so as to be carried without discovery. Also <internalXref urlencoded="jimmy">jimmy</internalXref>.
  • None
  • A great-coat.
  • <em>plural</em> A kind of woolen cloth.
  • Spruce.
  • A short crowbar. See <xref urlencoded="jimmy">jimmy</xref>.
  • A baked sheep's head.
  • <xref>spruce</xref>
  • A <xref>crowbar</xref>, particularly one used by <xref>burglars</xref>. (US: <xref>jimmy</xref>)
  • A baked sheep's head.
  • An <xref>immigrant</xref>
  • To open with a <xref>crowbar</xref>.
  • a short crowbar
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