• Any of various small nocturnal leaping rodents of the family Dipodidae of Asia and northern Africa, having long hind legs and a long tufted tail.
  • A rodent quadruped of the family <em>Dipodidœ</em>, subfamily <em>Dipodinœ</em>, and especially of the genus <em>Dipus</em>; a gerbil, or jumping-mouse of the old world.
  • Any small jumping rodent of the genus Dipus, esp. <spn>Dipus Ægyptius</spn>, which is common in Egypt and the adjacent countries. The jerboas have very long hind legs and a long tail.
  • small Australian kangaroo (<spn>Bettongia penicillata</spn>), about the size of a common hare.
  • A small, <xref>mouse</xref>-like, <xref>jumping</xref> <xref>rodent</xref> (family Dipodidae) resembling a miniature <xref>kangaroo</xref>, having a long <xref>tufted</xref> tail, very small fore feet, but very long <xref>hind legs</xref>, native to the <xref>deserts</xref> of Asia and northern Africa.
  • mouselike jumping rodent
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