• A literary work or speech expressing a bitter lament or a righteous prophecy of doom.
  • Lamentation; an utterance of grief or sorrow; a complaining tirade: used with a spice of ridicule or mockery, implying either that the grief itself is unnecessarily great, or that the utterance of it is tediously drawn out and attended with a certain satisfaction to the utterer.
  • A tale of sorrow, disappointment, or complaint; a doleful story; a dolorous tirade; -- generally used satirically.
  • A long <xref>speech</xref> or <xref>prose</xref> work that <xref>bitterly</xref> <xref>laments</xref> the state of <xref>society</xref> and its <xref>morals</xref>, and often contains a <xref>prophecy</xref> of its coming <xref>downfall</xref>.
  • a long and mournful complaint
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