• A close-fitting, hip-length, collarless jacket having no sleeves but often extended shoulders, belted and worn over a doublet by men especially in the 1500s.
  • A short, close-fitting, often sleeveless coat or jacket, usually of leather.
  • The male of the gerfalcon.
  • A young salmon: same as <internalXref urlencoded="ginkin">ginkin</internalXref>.
  • A short close-fitting coat or jacket, worn in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
  • A male gyrfalcon.
  • A jacket or short coat; a close waistcoat.
  • A type of men's <xref>garment</xref> popular in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries: a close-fitting <xref>collarless</xref> <xref>jacket</xref>, with or without <xref>sleeves</xref>.
  • A <xref>sleeveless</xref> jacket, usually <xref>leather</xref>; a long <xref>waistcoat</xref>.
  • a tight sleeveless and collarless jacket (often made of leather) worn by men in former times
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