• A short strap fastened around the leg of a hawk or other bird used in falconry, to which a leash may be fastened.
  • To put jesses or a jess on (a hawk, for example).
  • A short strap, usually of leather, sometimes of silk or other material, fastened about the leg of a hawk used in falconry, and continually worn.
  • A ribbon that hangs down from a garland or crown in falconry.
  • To secure with jesses; place the jesses on.
  • A short strap of leather or silk secured round the leg of a hawk, to which the leash or line, wrapped round the falconer's hand, was attached when used. See <ex>Illust.</ex> of <xref urlencoded="falcon">falcon</xref>.
  • A compact <xref>coal</xref>-like, <xref>velvet</xref>-black mineral, with a <xref>polish</xref> making it fit for use in <xref>jewelry</xref>.
  • A very dark, velvety <xref>black</xref> shade.
  • A short <xref>strap</xref> <xref>fastened</xref> around the leg of a bird used in <xref>falconry</xref>, to which a <xref>leash</xref> may be fastened.
  • To <xref>fasten</xref> a <xref>strap</xref> around the leg of a <xref>hawk</xref>.
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