• Goods that are cast overboard from a ship, especially in an attempt to lighten the ship, and that sink to the bottom of a body of water.
  • Discarded odds and ends.
  • In <em>law</em> and <em>com.</em>: Same as <internalXref urlencoded="jettison">jettison</internalXref>.
  • The goods thrown out by jettison.
  • Goods which sink when cast into the sea, and remain under water; -- distinguished from <contr>flotsam</contr>, goods which float, and <contr>ligan</contr> (or <contr>lagan</contr>), goods which are sunk attached to a buoy.
  • The act of throwing objects from a ship to lighten the load; jettison{1}. See <er>Jettison</er>, 1.
  • Anything thrown overboard from a ship, whether floating or not.
  • Objects scattered about in a disorderly manner.
  • <xref>articles</xref> thrown <xref>overboard</xref> from a <xref>ship</xref> or <xref>boat</xref> in order to <xref>lighten</xref> the <xref>load</xref> of a <xref>ship</xref> in <xref>distress</xref>
  • <xref>discarded</xref> <xref>odds and ends</xref>
  • the floating wreckage of a ship
  • the part of a ship's equipment or cargo that is thrown overboard to lighten the load in a storm
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