• To cast overboard or off.
  • To discard (something) as unwanted or burdensome.
  • The act of discarding or casting overboard.
  • Jetsam.
  • In <em>law</em>, the throwing overboard of goods or merchandise, especially for the purpose of easing a ship in time of danger or distress.
  • To throw overboard, especially for the purpose of easing and saving a ship in time of danger.
  • The throwing overboard of goods from necessity, in order to lighten a vessel in danger of wreck.
  • See <er>Jetsam</er>, 1.
  • Collectively, items that have been or are about to be <xref>ejected</xref> from a boat or balloon.
  • The action of jettisoning items.
  • To <xref>eject</xref> from a <xref>boat</xref>, <xref>submarine</xref>, <xref>aircraft</xref>, <xref>spaceship</xref> or hot-air <xref>balloon</xref>, so as to <xref>lighten</xref> the load.
  • To <xref>let go</xref> or get rid of as being useless or <xref>defective</xref>; <xref>discard</xref>.
  • throw as from an airplane
  • throw away, of something encumbering
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