• To deceive or drop (a lover) suddenly or callously.
  • One who discards a lover.
  • One who discards another, after holding the relation of a lover.
  • To discard after treating or encouraging as a lover; trick in love.
  • To play the jilt; practise deception in love.
  • Same as <internalXref urlencoded="gillet">gillet</internalXref>.
  • A woman who capriciously deceives her lover; a coquette; a flirt.
  • To cast off capriciously or unfeelingly, as a lover; to deceive in love.
  • To play the jilt; to practice deception in love; to discard lovers capriciously.
  • A <xref>woman</xref> who jilts a <xref>lover</xref>.
  • To <xref>cast off</xref> <xref>capriciously</xref> or <xref>unfeelingly</xref>, as a lover; to <xref>deceive</xref> in <xref>love</xref>.
  • a woman who jilts a lover
  • cast aside capriciously or unfeelingly
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