• One who vociferously supports one's country, especially one who supports a belligerent foreign policy; a chauvinistic patriot.
  • Of or relating to a chauvinistic patriot.
  • Characterized by chauvinistic patriotism.
  • Used for emphasis or to express surprise.
  • To force to a certain course of action by the influence of the Jingo spirit, that is, an aggressive bellicose patriotism.
  • A name used in the oath “by <em>jingo</em>,” sometimes extended to “by the living <em>jingo</em>”: as, I won't do it, by <em>jingo.</em>
  • [<em>capitalized</em>] A member of a section of the Conservative or Tory party in Great Britain which advocated a spirited foreign policy.
  • Belonging or relating to the Jingoes: as, the <em>Jingo</em> policy; <em>Jingo</em> bluster. See I., 2.
  • A word used as a jocular oath.
  • A statesman who pursues, or who favors, aggressive, domineering policy in foreign affairs; a bellicose superpatriot or chavinist.
  • One who supports <xref>policy</xref> favouring <xref>war</xref>.
  • an extreme bellicose nationalist
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