• A small motor vehicle, such as a bus or van, that transports passengers on a route for a small fare.
  • A nickel.
  • a small bus or similar vehicle carrying passengers on a fixed route, used for public transport.
  • A five-cent piece; a nickel.
  • A small <xref>bus</xref> or <xref>minibus</xref> which typically operates service on a fixed route, sometimes scheduled.
  • An unlicensed <xref>taxi</xref> cab.
  • A shared-ride taxi.
  • A small coin, a nickel.
  • Very <xref>inexpensive</xref>.
  • this sense?) A <xref>fraudulent</xref> arrangement whereby a <xref>broker</xref> who has direct access to an exchange executes trades on behalf of a broker who doesn't.
  • a vehicle carrying many passengers; used for public transport
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