• A joining of causes of action or parties in a single lawsuit.
  • The act of joining.
  • A joining; conjunction.
  • In <em>law</em>: The coupling or joining of two causes of action in a suit against another: called more fully <em>joinder of action.</em>
  • The coupling of two or more persons together as defendants.
  • The acceptance by a party to an action of the point of controversy put in his adversary's previous pleading: called <internalXref urlencoded="joinder%20in%20demurrer">joinder in demurrer</internalXref> if the previous pleading was a demurrer, <em>joinder of issue</em> if it was an allegation of fact.
  • The act of joining; a putting together; conjunction.
  • None
  • A joining of parties as plaintiffs or defendants in a suit.
  • Acceptance of an issue tendered in law or fact.
  • A joining of causes of action or defense in civil suits or criminal prosecutions.
  • The <xref>joining</xref> a <xref>litigant</xref> to a <xref>suit</xref>.
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