• A larva of any of various chalcid wasps of the family Eurytomidae, especially of <em>Tetramesa tritici,</em> that infests grains, causing swelling and subsequent breakage near the first joint of the stem.
  • A jointed worm; an intestinal worm of the genus <em>Tænia</em>; a tapeworm. See cut under <internalXref urlencoded="T%C3%A6nia">Tænia</internalXref>.
  • The larva of a chalcid hymenopterous parasite of the genus <em>Isosoma</em>, as <strong>I.</strong> <em>hordei</em>, which is very destructive to crops of barley, wheat, and rye in the United States.
  • The larva of a small, hymenopterous fly (<spn>Eurytoma hordei</spn>), which is found in gall-like swellings on the stalks of wheat, usually at or just above the first joint. In some parts of America it does great damage to the crop.
  • The <xref>larva</xref> of a <xref>hymenopterous</xref> fly, found in <xref>gall</xref>-like <xref>swellings</xref> on <xref>wheatstalks</xref>, usually around the first <xref>joint</xref>.
  • larva of chalcid flies injurious to the straw of wheat and other grains
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