• None
  • One who tells or plays jokes.
  • An insolent person who seeks to make a show of cleverness.
  • An annoying or inept person.
  • A playing card, usually printed with a picture of a jester, used in certain games as the highest-ranking card or as a wild card.
  • A clause that is included in a legislative bill or a contract in order to render the bill or contract inoperative or oppressive in some respect while appearing to be innocuous until the harm has been done.
  • An unforeseen but important difficulty, fact, or circumstance.
  • A deceptive means of getting the better of someone.
  • One who jokes, in speech or in deed; a jester; a merry fellow.
  • A playing-card, either blank or having some comical or other special device, added to a pack, and used in some games, as in euchre. It is always a trump, and generally the highest trump. Often called <internalXref urlencoded="jolly%20joker">jolly joker</internalXref>.
  • Figuratively, something concealed that wins the game; a trick under an innocent guise: as, a <em>joker</em> in a legislative bill.
  • One who makes jokes or jests.
  • See Best bower, under 2d <er>Bower</er>.
  • An extra card usually included in a deck of playing cards, having the same design as the others on the back, but on the face having a picture of a jester. It is not included in the deck used in most games, but in certain games may be included and then takes on a special value, such as the highest-valued card, or a wild card.
  • A clause placed in a document, such as a contract or a piece of legislation, not itself appearing significant, but in a subtle way substantially changing the effect of the document.
  • Any fact or condition which is unknown or not apparent, which reverses an apparently advantageous position; a kicker.
  • A person; a fellow; a chap; -- usually used in a mildly disparaging sense.
  • A person who makes jokes.
  • A <xref>funny</xref> person.
  • A <xref>jester</xref>.
  • A <xref>playing card</xref> that features a picture of a joker (that is, a jester) and that may be used as a <xref>wild card</xref> in some card games.
  • An unspecified, vaguely disreputable person.
  • A man.
  • an inconspicuous clause in a document or bill that affects its meaning in a way that is not immediately apparent
  • a person who enjoys telling or playing jokes
  • a playing card that is usually printed with a picture of a jester
  • a person who does something thoughtless or annoying
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