• A wandering minstrel, poet, or entertainer in medieval England and France.
  • In medieval France, and in England under the Norman kings, a minstrel who went from place to place singing songs, generally of his own composition and to his own accompaniment; later, a mountebank.
  • In the Middle Ages, a court attendant or other person who, for hire, recited or sang verses, usually of his own composition. See <er>Troubadour</er>.
  • A juggler; a conjuror. See <er>Juggler</er>.
  • An <xref>itinerant</xref> <xref>entertainer</xref> in <xref>medieval</xref> <xref>England</xref> and <xref>France</xref>; roles included <xref>song</xref>, <xref>music</xref>, <xref>acrobatics</xref> etc.; a <xref>troubadour</xref>.
  • A <xref>juggler</xref>; a <xref>conjurer</xref>.
  • a singer of folk songs
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