• One whose occupation is journalism.
  • One who keeps a journal.
  • The writer of a journal or diary.
  • A person who conducts a public journal or regularly writes for one; a newspaper editor, critic, or reporter.
  • One who keeps a journal or diary; a diarist.
  • One whose occupation is to write for any of the public news media, such as newspapers, magazines, radio, television, or internet; also, an editorial or other professional writer for a periodical.
  • The keeper of a person <xref>journal</xref>, who writes in it regularly
  • One whose <xref>occupation</xref> or is <xref>journalism</xref>, originally only writing in the printed press.
  • A <xref>reporter</xref>, who <xref>professionally</xref> does living reporting on news and <xref>current</xref> <xref>events</xref>.
  • a writer for newspapers and magazines
  • someone who keeps a diary or journal
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